whatever is lovely...
constant cadence

There is another blog that i have called this. and you will find it under constantcadence.tumblr.com

I view it as a continuation of this except i don’t have to write so much.

At least once a week i will post a song…that i have come to know and love…and i think that whoever listens should love it too.

but mainly it is for me…to never lose interest in musical escapades.

He asked me at a funeral reception because we were kind of set up"
“oh well that’s romantic.. A funeral set up”
“yes it was a very romantic ordeal

i just wanted to experiment with crossing something out. weeeeoooo.

well that was just lovely. let me do it again.


I cannot stop!

i love overcast days.

I find them comforting.

They allow me to wear a scarf and not look like a weirdo and i love me some scarves.

and fog is pretty and coats everything and is mysterious.

so today was a good day because i wore a scarf and was comforted and felt slightly mysterious as i walked through a thick layer of fog. woopdidoo!

lets all take a moment to gaze upon these shoes.

lets all take a moment to gaze upon these shoes.

banana and spinach? you heard me

so today i was frequenting a couple of food blogs because i like to imagine a life where i can buy all my own food ingredients and make whatever i please.

and  i found a banana and spinach smoothie recipe.

yes. i know. it does not sound delectable in any way.

but in fact…it IS.

because i am such a curious cat i decided to break out the blender, the spinach, the banana, the milk, and the ice for this experimental smoothie.

it took me…oh approximately 5 seconds to make.

i felt so very healthy and proud and it was tasty because BANANA OVERPOWERS ALL THINGS.

however…i will say that it was very milky not very thick and i prefer my smoothies thick so tomorrow i plan on making this again BUT i will make it a banana strawberry spinach smoothie to add more substance.


so this little blip is about how nice it is when one experiments and tries new things because you may very well find something….lovely.

deep city lights

I was in downtown last night  from the hours of 8 to 11.

There is something beautiful about all the dirty streets and scary looking stores that you walk briskly past so no one jumps out and grabs you.

And all the city lights….all the deep city lights.

you feel as if you’re lost but at the same time you know exactly where you are.

1. {i wouldn’t mind if could}Be a fireman undercover as a mailman~ this has always been my secret desire. i’ll deliver mail, but if i happen to pass a fire, i’ll whip out my firefighting gear and put it out. weeeoooo.
camelia renee: the originator of the fire and mail man career (the two most honorable careers ever. neither rain nor shine, nor hail or snow. NOR FIRE…..)